My interests in nature and contemporary architecture provide me with the inspiration to create pieces that contain the essence of natural and man-made forms in shapes that have clarity of line and beauty in simplicity.



I first started working with clay as a hobby in 2002 and enjoyed it so much that I decided to enrol on a course in college. In 2007, I gained a BA (Hons) degree in Ceramics at West Wales School of the Arts in Carmarthen. From 2011 – 2020 I had the great pleasure of working as a Ceramic Technician and Teacher of Art at Bryanston School in Dorset, as well as making my own sculptures. 


My interests in nature and contemporary architecture provide me with the inspiration to create pieces that contain the essence of natural and man-made forms in shapes that have clarity of line and beauty in simplicity. A background in precision engineering has trained me to work with a meticulous eye for tight tolerances, refined lines and defined angles. The sense of movement in some of my work is inspired by the waves in the sea and the wind as it travels through foliage, bending boughs and creating fluidity of form.


I find the interplay between light and shadow intriguing and will invariably try to incorporate a facet of this into my work. The natural light sources of the external environment add further dimensions and possibilities - more life through movement of the sun, clouds during the day, moonlight at night ... 


All my work is hand built using stoneware clay and I construct each piece individually without the aid of moulds. The modelling and carving of the finer detail ensures each piece is unique. All work is high fired and suitable for display indoors or out. 


My work is exhibited nationally in galleries, ceramic fairs and open studio events.